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Requisitos previos para la instalación y mantenimiento

Requirements of the supporting ground
  • The lifting device must be set up on an even ground that is horizontal in all directions.
  • It must have the required load bearing capacity (e.g., screed, concrete roof, tiles, plaster, etc.).
  • Mounting on the floor or wall is not required.
Requirements of the installation location
  • The access routes (doors, hall corridors, garden gates ...) to the installation
    location must correspond to at least the width of the lifting device.
  • A free space of at least 50 mm must be observed around the lifting device.
    The gap between wall and lifting device in the exit area should be max. 30 mm.
  • It should be possible to remove the lifting device from the installation location for
    maintenance and repair. This should not be prevented by fixed installations or attachments
    around the lift.
  • The operator must ensure that there are no risks due to the integration of the lifting
    device in the overall building situation.
Electrical requirements
  • The lifting device is connected to a 230 V socket (10A).
  • The mains cable has a length of app. 2.5 m.
  • Earthing according to VDE must be arranged in the outer area.
  • Servicing is required at least once per annum or after app. 1,000 lifting operations. Lifting
    devices that are used in a special climatic environment, or that are exposed to the strong
    influence of sand, dust, foliage etc, should be serviced once every six months.
  • Maintenance must be undertaken by the operator.
  • The jobs required for maintenance should only be handled by authorized professionals.

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