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hbl mini

Our new top seller:
The HBL mini!

The small all-rounder can be used wherever there is little space for a standard lifting device.

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HBL300 ohne gelaender

HBL 300 – the lifting device for low barriers

A classic, for overcoming small ascents. Straight or over corners or in combination with a platform.

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Hebelift HBL 600

HBL 600 – the lifting device
for medium heights

Thanks to its straight or over corner designs, this lift can be integrated rather well in the existing residential situations.

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HBL1000 E in unterer Position

HBL 1000 - the lifting device for large height differences

An ideal solution for barriers of 1 m and higher which cannot be overcome with ramps any more.

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for the lifts

Here you can find useful
extensions for your lifting device!

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